Gilja 2

Gilja 2



During the day the couch is comfortable to sit on and in the evening, it can be converted into a sofa bed. You can find blankets and pillows in the storage space under the couch. There is an additional top deck available in the storage space under the bed in the bedroom.


The wireless internet is reliable, fast and available on the whole property.


With the smart IPTV you can watch tv channels from any other country.


The air conditioning in the living room cools the entire apartment. The temperature can be controlled by remote control.

Gilja 2


Fully equipped

Pans, frying pan, plates, dishes, cutlery, knives, wine opener, wine glasses, water glasses, coffee cups


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Coffee making facilities

There is a Nescafe Dolce Gusto machine in the kitchen. We provide you of your first pads, if you need more, you can buy them in all the supermarkets.

Gilja 2



The toilet is equipped with a toilet freshener and a number of toilet paper rolls.


The shower head in the spacious walk in shower has different modes.


For each person there are 2 towels available. If you stay for more than 7 days, we will clean the apartment and bring you clean towels.


There is no washing machine in the apartment. If you want your laundry done, we can do your laundry for 70 kuna per full washing machine.

Gilja 2



The comfortable double bed is 160 x 200 meters and is equipped with pillows and a comforter.


There are clothes hangers and shelves available in the bedroom.


If you want to use the iron, just ask us and we will provide an iron for you.

Gilja 2


Dining table

The with grapes covered patio is adjacent to the living room. The patio is the perfect place for a romantic diner or a summer BBQ. The wooden table including the cushions and candles, suits 4 persons.


From the patio you have a beautiful sea view with the most amazing sunsets!


There are BBQ facilities available, let us know and we will make sure the BBQ is ready.


There is a parking spot in front of the house and there are more parking spots on the back of the house. You can park here for free.

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