Wine tour

 Discover the indigenous žlahtina grape,
 a unique and authentic experience!

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Wine tour

Discover the žlahtina grape

We will show you two wineries where you taste 12 exquisite Žlahtina wines – an autochthonous sort of wine that grows only in this area. Drinking wine makes you hungry so we will also visit 2 of the best restaurants in the area where they serve you a local lunch and a dinner with an amazing view. Besides all this you still have time to visit the beautiful towns Novi Vinodolski and Vrbnik.


Croatian Wines

The true beginning of grape cultivation and wine production in Croatia is related to the Ancient Greeks settlers, who arrived on the Croatian coast in the 5th century BC. Like other old-world wine producers, many traditional grape varieties still survive in Croatia, perfectly suited to their local wine hills. There are currently over 300 geographically defined wine regions, and a strict classification system to ensure quality and origin.

The grape varieties in use in Croatia can be very confusing to foreigners, not simply because the Croatian names are unfamiliar, but because many of the varieties may not be in use beyond a very limited area. There are indeed many foreign “international” grape varieties grown in Croatia, but its long history of wine production has left it with a rich tradition of indigenous varieties, especially in the more out-lying areas, or the more extreme growing conditions.


Discover the Žlahtina grape

One of these indigenous grapes is the žlahtina. The žlahtina grape grows on the island of Krk and in the valley of Novi Vinodolski. The žlahtina is particularly recognizable for its specific young bouquet. All the principal characteristics of this variety are conserved in the wine itself with its pleasant and lively taste which has 11% alcohol.

To discover and taste this indigenous grape we will bring you too two winemakers. The first stop is at the one and only winemaker in Novi Vindolski. Here you will taste the žlahtina wine and a view other wines from the area.The žlahtina wine is ideal served with sheep’s milk cheese, all kinds of fish and sea specialties and white meat dishes. To try this, you will have lunch in the best restaurants of Novi Vinodolski. After all the food and wine, you have time to visit the old center of Novi Vinodolski before we head to Vrbnik on the island of Krk!

Vrbnik and Žlahtina are synonymous as this is the only place they are cultivated (except from Novi Vinodolski). Vrbnik is a town like you’ve never seen before. When you enter its nest of old houses and start exploring the curvy direction of its narrow streets, you will be transported hundreds of years back in time without being aware of it at all. You will have some time to visit the town, but first a winetasting! There are a view winemakers in Vrbnik, you will visit one of them to taste the famous dry white wine, champagne and distillates. We end the day with a dinner at a restaurant and cellar bar at the edge of the old town. From the restaurant you will have a beautiful panoramic view on towns of Crikvenica and Novi Vinodolski. The restaurant is one of leading Croatian restaurants and has been awarded a number of awards.

We are very satisfied and truly enjoyed this trip

– Selena Tomljanovic

Program winetour

departure from senj


In 25 minutes we drive to Novi Vinodolski

Winetasting 1


The first tasting in the valley of Novi Vinodolski includes 6 different wines



At a local tavern in the valley they prepared the traditional dish Peka for you

Explore Novi Vinodolski


Walk around in the old center and harbour of Novi Vinodolski

Drive to Vrbnik on Krk Island


From Novi Vinodolski we drive in 30 minutes to Vrbnik

Winetasting 2


It is time for the seccond tasting of the day. At this winery you will taste 7 different wines and they show you the winery and winemakingproces

Explore Vrbnik


Stroll around in the old streets of Vrbnik and visit the worlds smallest street

Dinner with a view


You end the day with a diner at one of the best restaurants in Vrbnik with a superb view

Back in Senj


After tasting all the Zlahtina wines i will drive you home safley


Wine Tour

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